ID# Song Quote - Artist, Title
1638 The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. - Offspring, Self Esteem
1849 Chances thrown, nothing's free, longing for what used to be. Still it's hard, hard to see, fragile lives, shattered dreams. - Offspring, The Kids Aren't Alright
1951 I know I'm being used, that's okay cause I like the abuse. - Offspring, Self Esteem
2159 The cruelest dream, reality. - Offspring, The Kids Aren't Alright
2191 The world needs wannabee's. - Offspring, Pretty Fly
3058 Before you started tokin' you used to have a brain. - Offspring, What Happened To You
3286 That bong that's on the table starts to call my name, I take a hit and zone out again, I'll be paranoid and hungry by a quarter to ten. - Offspring, MOTA
3952 Tonight this 'hood will be a pyre, I'm gonna set your house on fire. I'll dance around the pretty flames, such a wonderful game. - Offspring, Burn It Up
4343 Do you accept what you are told without thinking? Throw it away and make your own. - Offspring, Something To Believe
5105 I may be dumb, but I'm not a dweeb, I'm just a sucker with no self esteem. - Offspring, Self Esteem
5200 She's saying that she wants only me, then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends. - Offspring, Self Esteem
5571 All your faking, shows your aching. - Offspring, Head Around You
5613 Culture is defined by the ones least refined. And you'll be left behind, if you don't fit in. - Offspring, Americana
5667 He may not have a clue, and he may not have style. But everything he lacks, we'll he makes up in denial. - Offspring, Pretty Fly
6996 Crime, crime, rockin' like Janet Reno. Time, time, eighteen and life in Chino. - Offspring, Original Prankster

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