ID# Song Quote - Artist, Title
1756 Me in the corner with a good looking daughter, I dropped my drawers and it was like Welcome Back Kotter. - Beastie Boys, Hey Ladies
2325 Breakup with your girl and it ended in tears, Vincent VanGogh and mail that ear. - Beastie Boys, Hey Ladies
3176 I'll down 40 Dog in a single gulp, and if you got beef, you'll get beat to a pulp. - Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey
3450 Pulled out a pair of pliers and pulled the bullet from my chest. - Beastie Boys, High Plains Drifter
3535 Elvis shaved his head when he went into the army. - Beastie Boys, Johnny Ryall
3857 It's not how you play the game, it's how you win it. I cheat and steal and sin and I'm a cynic. - Beastie Boys, Shadrach
3906 Skirt chasing, free basing, killing every village, we drink and rob and rhyme and pillage. - Beastie Boys, Rhymin' And Stealin'
4249 Gettin' rhymed in the mind, two hits in a car, put my pager on private, jerk myself off. - Beastie Boys, Dope Little Song
6114 You're scheming on a thing that is a mirage. - Beastie Boys, Sabotage
6256 Spend another night at the Motel 6, it's five dollars extra to get the porno flicks. - Beastie Boys, High Plains Drifter
6275 This girl walked by, she gave me the eye, I reached in my locker and grabbed the Spanish Fly. - Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey
6640 If I played guitar, I'd be Jimmy Page. The girls I like are all under aged. - Beastie Boys, The New Style
6642 I've got attractions like I'm Elvis Costello. - Beastie Boys, Do It
6668 On the Gong Show, we won't get gonged. We're the Beastie Boys, not Cheech and Chong. - Beastie Boys, Slow And Low
6782 Living at home is such a drag. Now, your Mama threw away your best porno mag. - Beastie Boys, Fight For Your Right

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